“With Foligno nel Cuore!” Terre de ‘Trinci strengthens its bond.

It is with the slogan: “For 25 years in the heart of Foligno … with Foligno in the heart!” That in recent days the Cantina “Terre de ‘Trinci” of Foligno, in announcing “finally a good harvest”, has launched a new and an imposing campaign of rooting in the territory, focusing on the most authentic values ​​of the valorization of the local product and, more in general, of the cooperation.

Authentic institution of the regional oenological panorama and unique vitivinicultural reality present in the town of Foligno, the Cantina Terre de ‘Trinci that adheres to FedAgriPesca of Confcooperative has gathered its members in view of what will be the first harvest after the recent death of the historian president Lodovico Mattoni, at the head of the prestigious cooperative for 25 years.

“The more than one hundred members present in the company have strongly sealed their link with the winery – explained the new president, Francesco Di Camillo – after two rather unfortunate years, due to frost and drought, which had severely disrupted production. Today we express our optimism with good reason: our members report to us the presence in their vineyards of both white and black grapes of absolute quality and in excellent quantities, despite some outbreaks of downy mildew, which in the spring season, particularly humid, had stuck to scrub of leopardo the hills of the area of ​​Montefalco and Bevagna “.

The Regional Director of Confcooperative, Lorenzo Mariani, also spoke at the meeting, who reiterated that “the Terre de ‘Trinci Cooperative Winery is a patrimony of the producer members, but also of the entire territory of Foligno and of the Foligno people. In this the cooperative wineries are distinguished significantly from other private producers as they do not represent a simple brand, but an entire territory along with the dozens of members who give their grapes. Fully interpreting this mission is to applaud the goal of Cantina Terre de ‘Trinci to open up to the city with which it shares its DNA “.

For this reason, initiatives will be taken to strengthen the link with Foligno and Foligno, “because – concludes President Di Camillo – our wines are appreciated by the most demanding consumers in our region, in Italy and in many foreign countries where we proudly promote the our identity, love and attachment to the territory; but it is also true that, although it is notoriously difficult to be a prophet in the country, it is essential that all the citizens, restaurateurs and hotel owners of the Foligno area can find the common values ​​of our distinctiveness and share them with us both for the fact that our Cellar proudly bears the noble name of the Trinci family, both in the name of the hoped for revival of the local economy “.